Our approach

 This is your special day. A once in a lifetime event. Our approach is largely dependent on your vision for the perfect wedding photographs. Although we are known for our unique style, we tailor the final look of your photographs to your taste. We do this through various methods, which are explained during the first coffee meet we have with you.

We dial in your vision from what you want from your photographs. We take the time to fully understand what you want. As you know a lot goes into organising a wedding. The cake, the dress, the venue, invitations, and more. The truth is that once all the champagne has been drunk, the wedding dress in the attic, and guests have gone home. The only thing that will remain will be your wedding photographs. So we spend the necessary time to guide you through the wedding photography process and timelines to make sure you get the photographs you want.


Our mission

 Our mission is to become one of the best wedding photography companies within the UK. We understand that at the core of our mission is you. Everything we do is with you in mind. We meticulously plan every step of the way with you and walk you through our unique process to help assist dial in your vision for the perfect photographs from your special day.


Our values

Client obsessed

 Our success is achieved when you are satisfied. 

 Exercise creativity

When is comes to photography we think outside the box. We document all the special moments on your wedding day but add our own special creativity and technique, which translates into photographs that are only achievable with Lockyear wedding photography.

 Strive for Perfection

Perfection does not exist, but if we chase perfection, then we can catch excellence. This is a piece of philosophy that drives Lockyear Wedding photography. All techniques and equipment are industry leading, which enables us to come as close to perfection as possible with our artistry.

 Have fun 

 We aim to have fun with our clients while not losing sight of their vision for the perfect photograph. Having fun and enjoying the process is only going to benefit all involved because this will translate into better photographs.


Meet John

This small video give’s you the opportunity to meet John. The lead photographer and creator at Lockyear wedding photography.